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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Fold. . . teeny tiny paper cranes

Tiniest crane perched on my little finger

In-between folding loads of full-sized cranes for my 1000 Cranes for Christchurch and Japan effort, I have been having a play with making teeny-tiny paper cranes with the offcuts. Above and below you see my tiniest efforts to date. Their wingspan just reaches 2 cm! No, before you ask, I don't have small hands - in fact I have larger than average ones, I just like a challenge ;-)

I am planning to have a go at making some earrings out of these tiny cranes. If I succeed I will update this post with the results! Meanwhile progress towards the 1000 full-size cranes continues. . . help still welcome. Here's a photo of the first 30 on a big platter. . .

If you'd like to fold a few cranes for Christchurch and Japan, just get in touch via the comments or email address yarificationz (at) gmail (dot) com
Thanks :-)


  1. So cute!! I've got about 20 cranes so far and still going :)


  2. Thanks so much Laura. I really appreciate it… I have a couple of volunteers over here in NZ too & between us (& maybe a few other helpers) I KNOW we will get there! X