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Monday, March 28, 2011

Knit. . . Bridge over Troubled Water mitts

Photo by Sara

This is the third time I have knitted this mitt pattern - it's a firm favourite. It's called Tower Bridge Mitts by designer Rachel Brown, and is available for download from the link on ravelry above or directly from Rachel's blog: Porpoiseknits. I was actually involved in the test knitting process for these mitts - it was the very first pattern I officially tested via the ravelry group  Free Pattern Testers. the original pattern has one extra lace repeat, but this is my shortened (quicker and more thrifty!) version. These mitts are a birthday gift for someone else, a reasonably new friend, but one who has offered support during a difficult time (the CHCH earthquake) and so I changed the name of this project from "Tower Bridge" to "Bridge over Troubled Water". Here's the link to my project page on ravelry.  I really hope that the birthday girl likes these mitts. . . I will let you know once they've arrived.
Photo by Sara

The yarn is Knitsch yarns 100% merino sock yarn and was the first instalment in the Knitsch Flights of Fancy 2011 yarn club. The yarn base itself is absolutely gorgeous - it is a beautifully soft 2 ply construction, and being firmly twisted has lovely crisp stitch definition. The "Go Lightly" colourway which I used to make these mitts is absolutely beautiful, with such subtle colour variations.

Knitsch sock yarns 100% merino "Go Lightly"

Tash Barneveld of Knitsch yarns has recently opened a new yarn shop Holland Road Yarn Company, at 281 Jackson Street, Petone, near Wellington. I haven't been lucky enough to get there yet, on account of it being on a different island and everything. By all accounts, it sounds wonderful though! There is talk of comfy couches and beautiful yarns and friendly service. One day, I will get up there and check it out for myself! In the meantime, Knitsch do a great online store if I ever feel the urge to part with a few dollars (although I am trying hard to spend very little on yarn this year!).

PS Edited 14th April: The mitts arrived somewhat belatedly and the birthday girl liked them a lot! Yay! She was good enough to send me some photos of them, as I didn't get any really good ones before I posted them. 


  1. Just have to say that I absolutely LOVE the colour of those mitts!


  2. Yes, I am madly in love with the colourway myself, even though it's a bit more pale and "girly" than the colours I would usually go for. That's the thing with a "yarn club" you're never quite sure what you are getting till it arrives… but it often seems that I love the colourways I least expect to!