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Friday, March 25, 2011

Love. . . the prize I won in the 12in2011 group on ravelry

So, there's a "12in2011" group on ravelry and the main purpose is to try to make at least 12 things this year using wool you already had before 1.1.11. It's not a very "rules-y" group and there are only "Pirate guidelines"rather than strict rules to be enforced. "Aharrrr me hearties!!" 

In the 12in2011 ravelry group there is a "Prizes" thread, where prizes are handed out each month in fun and funny ways as well as by use of a Random Number Generator. In early March I was lucky enough to be awarded a "fun and funny" February prize for my "Tree root caterpillar". I won the special category of "Yarnify all the things" with this cheery little fellow. . .

My prize was a US$20 voucher to spend in Zippypins' ArtFire studio (online shop). The extraordinarily generous Jamie (Zippypins) has donated twelve of these vouchers to be handed out in the ravelry 12in2011 group each month. I had a blast choosing my prize, and ended up with two bumper stickers, a set of 10 knitting/spinning themed badges and six larger badges with various quotes. I slightly exceeded my US$20 budget, as there was so much great stuff on offer! I even bought two badges especially for Wifie  ("Coffee is my therapy" and "I'm the rainbow sheep in the family") which she is delighted with. I bought a "rainbow sheep" badge for me too - that's such a great quote! My box of goodies arrived last week and I just wanted to share my good fortune with you via the blog. As well as the badges for the Wifie, I just sent a couple of the little knitting badges away in a friend's birthday present parcel, so I am really trying to share the love!

Here are a few of the favourite badges I got from Zippypins. . . 

So huge thanks to the generous prize awarder "Dovely" on ravelry and heaps more thanks to Jamie of Zippypins for my lovely prize. . .


  1. and so you should the worm was wonderful.... just seen your attack on the Womens House and I thought I know who did this.... :-)

  2. Yes Clancy, you guessed it - I'm guilty as charged ;-) Actually I'm very pleased with how my Womens' House yarnification turned out, and I got a nice comment from Carrie on my YARNIFICATIONZ blog post about it. Yay!

  3. I absolutely love the caterpillar. Such a good idea! :-)

  4. Thanks Lissy, I am very fond of the caterpillar too. He's a bit droopy now, but still in place, brightening up the day. . .