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Friday, May 6, 2011

Love. . . the bringer of "free positive thoughts"

. . . who just so happens to be my boy - 10 year old "Sonny Jim". Yes, this post is really just a great big "Proud mum" moment!

Ever since I first found the free downloadable positive thoughts and compliments at Kind Over Matter in March (see my previous post), and put one up on the village notice board, Sonny Jim has taken it upon himself to make sure there is always a poster of free compliments or positive thoughts there. He makes it his daily business to see how many strips of paper have been taken and to replace the poster (anonymously) when necessary. We both love thinking about the people in the village whose day might have been brightened by one of these happy thoughts, and I am so proud of my boy for wanting to spread a little happiness and kindness around.

Just as an aside, I have to say that young Sonny Jim has been providing "Free positive thoughts" to me ever since he was born . . . no, in fact since the day he was conceived all the way back in March 2000.
Love you son.


  1. what an awesome idea - might have to check out the website!

  2. Yes, the website has heaps and heaps of printable freebies available, including an amazing "Love letter to the world". Definitely recommend checking it out.

  3. I love this!! I love you guys!! You are always seeking little ways to make the world better. And it works :)

    Miss you so! But very happy to have this blog now, to follow your adventures --


  4. HappY Mothers Day "Sonny Jim" is a joy and so are you. Soak up all the love because we all benefit when it spills out of you in your creativity==thank you

  5. Thanks Wendy, miss you lots too . . . but glad you have found the blog. Hope you enjoy following my ramblings, and I look forward to more comments ;-)

  6. Wild: thank you for your very generous and lovely comments. . . much appreciated ;-)