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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Competition results. . . How many paper cranes so far?

Fanfares please. . . we have a winner!

The Wifie and I counted the paper cranes (pictured above) last night and we counted 581 cranes. Looking at the entries in the competition (see this post and this one) we have a clear winner, only one away from the actual number of cranes. Laura guessed 580 cranes, so she wins the top prize! Just because I'm feeling generous, I am also giving away a runner up prize to the next closest guess, and that was "DerailMe" with 586. If you can both get in touch with me and give me your postal addresses, I will get your prizes in the mail later this week. Once you have received your prizes I will put photos of them up here on the blog :-)

Well done both of you, and thank you ALL for entering. Extra special thanks to anyone reading this who has contributed cranes for the cause, and to those I know of who are part way through folding.

By the way, in the last couple of weeks I have folded/accumulated an extra 103 cranes, so we are now up to 683 cranes in total. Reaching the target of the first 1000 seems to be within reach at last. . .

This afternoon, I also handed out a prize to Sonny Jim's class for helping me fold some cranes last week (a book on folding paper planes and other flying things), and a special prize to the child who guessed closest to the actual number of cranes above (some origami paper). So it's prizes all round!


  1. OMG I can't believe that i won...and that I was so close!! I just plucked that number right out of the air! Crazy! I think I Facebook'd you my address a while ago but I can send it again later.


  2. Omigosh. Like Laura, I just 'felt' that number and plucked it out of the air - 80's and 500 just felt right. Just, omigosh. Thank you. You are just too kind and generous. You've been so loving and supportive of all of us here, and to give even more, I just can't believe it. Many many blessings and aroha to you e hoa ma.
    Thank you.

  3. Well done both of you, and I am so delighted that both winners are people who have contributed cranes already or have some in production. Thank you both :) Obviously your intuition was finely honed re choosing a number, and the crane gods were looking benevolently upon you!
    Laura, yes, I have found your address. DerailMe, I still need yours. . . just send me a message on ravelry please.