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Thursday, May 5, 2011

Knit. . . Hungarian Snowflake Slippers

These slippers were knitted by special request from my mother-in-law (also known as the "Countess of Hungary"!) In the middle of May, she is heading off on a trip back to Hungary, the country of her birth. Apparently a pair of these Snowflake Slippers by Diana Crossing is the essential accessory! I finished them on 29th April, but didn't get round to putting them on the blog till now. They are knitted from 8 ply/ DK wool in one piece, on 3.75 mm needles. They start with a garter stitch sole, continue on to a fisherman's rib side section, topped by a stocking stitch snowflake section and garter stitch instep. This is the 4th pair of these slippers I have made over the years and I have adapted them by adding extra length to the instep and extra rows around the ankle to improve the fit. Nothing more to say really. . . simple slippers, quickly knitted up.


  1. I have the book with this pattern. I'm about to knit a pair of these for my niece. I like the way you have put the contrast stripe around the ankle just down from the edge. Looks like one row down?

    1. Yes, two rows in contrast colour, two rows in main colour and then cast off :)

    2. I used to have that book ... michaels Book of Needlcraft, right? Could you post the pattern? I'd love to make these again but definitely need the pattern!

  2. yes, me too please I can't find the pattern anywhere :(