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Saturday, May 14, 2011

Fold. . . how many paper cranes so far?! COMPETITION

This is the replacement version of the post I published on Thursday - cos blogger ate that one! Luckily only one person had posted a comment before the post disappeared, despite a large number of people having a look. So come on people, get those guesses in the comments below. . .
All the cranes so far. . . except five.
You remember my plan to fold/collect 1000 paper cranes for Christchurch and 1000 for Japan? (See this blog post if you want more info). A steady stream of paper cranes have flown in over the last few weeks. Some from the UK, many from around New Zealand, and I have kept folding too. All folded with love for the people of Christchurch and Japan.

But, the big question is:

how many paper cranes do we have so far?

I haven't done a crane head-count yet, but if you would like to post your guess in the comments section below, I will award a mystery prize to the person/people with the closest guess. The prize is a mystery, cos I haven't decided what it is yet! Just a hint, in the photo above you can see all the cranes so far (except 5 which I managed to miss out of the photo - sorry E!) but although I didn't deliberately hide any cranes, I can't guarantee that they are all visible either. . .
To enter the competition, post your guess in a comment below by midnight on Saturday 28th May, New Zealand time. I will announce the winner(s) by midnight Tuesday 31st May.

Huge thanks to the following (in no particular order)who have supplied contributions towards the first 1000 paper cranes:

S-L in Christchurch
S in Waitakere
K in Palmerston North
M in Red Beach
C and helpers in Auckland
L and J in Tasman
C, M, C, K, and A in Nelson
E in the UK

Hopefully I didn't miss anyone off that list - but if I did (oh, the shame), then please let me know and I will fix up the list right away.


  1. oooh...364!

    Not including the ones that I have in a big envelope for you here :) I try and fold a couple per day and add them to the envelope, when it's full I'll post it - nearly there!


  2. Oh so tricky! I am always so bad at this!! ....753

  3. 692 :-)

    They look amazing all laid there like that

  4. hmmmm I'm changing my guess after closer scrutiny of the picture! 580.


  5. 586, give or take? :)

    Great job, they all look fantastic!

  6. I'll have a guess at 214!

  7. 442 but who knows.

    Marrianne (Minimiss on Ravelry)