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Monday, March 21, 2011

Knit. . . February yarnifications

Tree root caterpillar
Although I have a whole blog dedicated to my yarnification adventures (http://yarnificationz.blogspot.com/) I thought that every month I would give you a brief round up of the previous month's yarny exploits over here at "Knitapotamus". There are heaps more details over there, this is just a quick summary and some pics.

Last month was the first time I tried my hand at knit graffiti/yarn bombing/yarn storming/yarnification (delete as preferred!) My very first project was a "Tree root caterpillar" at the local hospital, pictured above.

Suddenly I was hooked on knit graffiti and I swiftly followed that up with a couple of things for St Valentine's Day, also in the hospital grounds. . .
Love on a handrail
Hearts on a wire fence
I went back a week later and added "LIVE" and "LAUGH" to "LOVE" on the handrail, moving them all around the corner and into a better position. . .

Finally, I added a little bit of yarnification to my car aerial!

So there you have it! I think I am hooked - it seems that everywhere I look I keep seeing another possibility to add a little yarn and use up some of the acrylic hiding at the back of the yarn cupboard! So watch this space ;-)

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