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Thursday, March 31, 2011

Eat. . . Fresh figs

What could be more simple, or more delicious? Eating a fresh fig is a luscious assault on the senses - the amazingly sweet taste, the smooth and fragrant skin, the soft flesh under the skin and the myriad of tiny crunchy seeds nestled within. It's a visual and sensual delight! Can you tell I'm a fig fanatic?!
Wifie and I were given a fig tree each for our birthdays this year, but they are just little baby trees barely a foot tall, and will take a while until they give us an edible harvest. The fig season is in full swing here in the Nelson-Tasman area of New Zealand though. We have been using the local District Health Board's Healthy As website to help us locate some "help-yourself" fig trees in "Open Orchards" in the local area. Super-delicious and healthy food for free - can't be bad! The season is so relatively short, we are definitely making the most of the figs while they are here.

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