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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Love. . . my dog, as much as I love you!

"A dog is a boy's best friend" Sonny Jim and Frodo, Oct 2010
The song "I love my dog" by Cat Stevens is one of Sonny Jim's all-time favourites. The main repetitive lyric is "I love my dog. . . as much as I love you!" It's pretty much how we all feel in our little family - the dog, Frodo, is as much a part of the family as the rest of us and we all love him very much. Sonny Jim says Frodo is his "fur brother" and that Frodo is his "brother from another mother!" They are often both to be found rolling around on the floor together and Frodo sleeps in Sonny Jim's room . . . on his own bed, or on Sonny Jim's! When Wifie says "I love you my darling" I have to look at her to see whom she is directing her comments to. . .  more often than not it's the dog!!

Hope you enjoy these photos of Frodo and us :-)

Frodo with me the day we got him - 12th Nov 2009

Wifie with fluffy puppy Frodo  - November 2009

Frodo meets an alpaca for the first time - Dec 2009

Sonny Jim with his "personal tissue" October 2010

Wifie and Frodo have a swim in the sea - January 2011


  1. what a gorgeous boy he is :) I bet he is lots of fun!


  2. You bet! He's the best! Like Jamie said "Our family wasn't a proper family till we got Frodo!" (Hmm, might actually add that to the blog post. . .)

  3. Awww that is so sweet :) It's lovely that Frodo and Jamie are so close.