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Friday, September 2, 2011

Knit. . . Faultline

Faultline shawlette
Washed and blocked shawlette hanging on the line
Close-up of the unblocked Fault line
Last week I spotted a beautiful new project on ravelry - the Faultline Shawlette, and even better - the designer was looking for testers! I couldn't resist volunteering, and so have been knitting on the Faultline as fast as I can for the last week. Gabriella, the designer, was living in Christchurch at the time of the major quakes and wants to release this pattern on the first anniversary of the 7.1 earthquake in Canterbury on 4th September. 25% of pattern sales will go to the NZ Red Cross in recognition of all the help they have provided (and still are providing) in Christchurch and the wider Canterbury area after the devastating earthquakes in September and February.

Knitsch Go Lightly 100% merino sock yarn
I knitted the Faultline using my second skein of Knitsch merino sock yarn in the "Go Lightly" colourway. The first skein I used to make Tower Bridge Mitts for S, and I loved the colour so much I bought some more. It is a different dye lot and slightly lighter than the first skein, but I love it just as much. The shawlette is a great design, with its fault-line edging and fully reversible pattern. It is easy enough for someone inexperienced with lace knitting, but has enough interest to capture a more experienced knitter's attention. Because of the way it is knit sideways, it is easy to weigh your remaining yarn as you go to determine where the halfway point should be, thereby getting the best use out of your yarn. I highly recommend this pattern, even to someone who has never knitted lace or a shawl. It's one of the easiest patterns out there, yet looks so good when finished. . .

Unwashed, unblocked shawlette on the washing line.
Faultline shawlette
Me modelling the finished Faultline shawlette
Link to my ravelry project page here. I'm not sure who this will be for - could be a gift, could be for me. Time will tell.

In other knitting, the Hitch-hiker Scarf is progressing well, and is almost finished. Hexapuff count stands at 13. . . but I haven't knitted any for over a week while concentrating on the Faultline. My two lace-weight shawls, the Vernal Equinox and the Fountain Pen are still waiting patiently for me to stop being so distractible and get back to working on them! They are both looking beautiful, but require a high degree of concentration, so progress is slower. But they will both definitely be finished in time to enter in the Nelson A & P show's knitting contest. I had great fun entering last year and even managed to gain a few placings in the knitting and spinning sections, which was a bit of a thrill :)

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