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Thursday, September 22, 2011

Thought for Thursday - in support of curves!

"Body as a Landscape III" photo by Nicole St John via flickr (with permission)

Call it lazy if you like, but today I am borrowing my "Thought for Thursday" directly from Kind Over Matter (KOM). This morning a lengthy quote popped up in my Facebook feed from KOM and it moved me. So I am going to share it with you. For the full post by Jo Anna Rothman of the Receiving Project, go over to the KOM In Support of Curves post, but I will give you a little taster of some of the stanzas here. . .

Today, I will love my curves. Every single one of them. The ones that I have cultivated. The ones that I have shamed. Even the ones I forget exist. I will love them all. And the way they have supported me. Caressed my very being. I will own them, hold them, touch them as a lover would. Because I am the greatest opportunity for love that I know.

Today, I will love my curves. I revel in the gravitational pull they hold. And know magic that is created in their movements. I allow myself to be seen. To let the eyes of the world find me and drink me in without shrinking in fear. To be visible. To be desirable. To be me. Wildly. Pleasurably. Totally.

Today, I invite you to do the same. Love the dips, turns and winding roads of your form. Acknowledge the beauty that couldn’t come from anyone else but you. Put down the sword of nasty judgement in all of its forms and fall in love with the real world expression of you. Today, you can love your curves. 

Many of us have plenty of curves, whether due to being naturally curvaceous, differently formed, overweight or undertall! A lot of us have some negative attitudes towards our own curvy bits, even whilst we look kindly on the curves of others! But perhaps we should try to be kinder to ourselves too, as Jo Anna Rothman advocates? I sent this to a close friend of mine earlier this evening and she reckons "Every woman should read that". . . but maybe especially those of us with an abundance of curves, of dips and turns and winding roads in the unique landscape of our bodies?!


  1. I love these "love you body no matter what" reminders. There is so much more important stuff going on in the world than what size and shape a person is.
    Brill post :-)