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Saturday, July 9, 2011

Unscheduled blogging break. . .

Let's just say there has been a lot going on recently, and that has kept me away from the blogosphere. I have good news to report though - my dysphagia study is finished at long last,  after sitting the two exams which were fraught with technical difficulties. I thoroughly enjoyed the course, but the technical difficulties with accessing and submitting the exams I could have really done without, especially when I had to do the written exam twice as the first time I clicked "submit", it completely disappeared, never to be seen again!

It's also been a bit of a hard time personally recently, but the worst is over for now and our little unit of three has weathered the storm quite well. I have found myself referring to my Love. . . my life post to remind myself that despite the recent emotional roller-coaster, life is really very good. When I wrote that post, it was partly as an inoculation against emotionally turbulent times which I knew could be coming up ahead, so I am glad to know that it has served its purpose well. I have also found that it was to my fountain pen I turned on my worst day, not my knitting needles! That really took me by surprise, and if you had asked me beforehand I would have predicted I would want to knit. But no, I wanted to write and write and then write some more. Writing it all out and processing it in my head as I did so, even wrote a poem in 5 minutes flat, circling the issue with a few well-chosen words! Very therapeutic. . .

Anyway, normal service will resume shortly, and I have lots to report :)


  1. Well done on surviving your storm and finishing your study :-)
    I also shock myself by turning to pencil and paper instead of a crochet hook when emotions run way too high/low

  2. Glad you weathered the storm and lovely to see you back. Huge hugs to you all xxxx

  3. Thanks JacBer and Laura. . . back on an even keel again now after my little wobble. Found out yesterday that I passed my course as well, so that was a bonus :)