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Sunday, June 5, 2011

Love… my life!

Me in Paris on our 3 day honeymoon, in 2008.

This is just a little piece of thankfulness. This week I have been reflecting on how lucky I am, and feeling very thankful for it. I am filled with contentment, even though the ground beneath our feet doesn't feel as trustworthy as it once did. In some ways, what has happened in Christchurch has made me feel even more fortunate. Fortunate to have my little family and a weather-tight home, hot and cold water and a fully-functional sewerage system. Those things that most of us took for granted until very recently. Of course there are always dreams to be dreamed, and some people might say I don't have a flash car, a high-powered job or a fancy house. They would be right, but I feel no need for those things.

I have enough, no, an abundance, without any of those. . .

We have our own little family unit, small but very strong. I have a son, who is more amazing than I ever dreamed possible. He is the source of so much love and happiness, and I can't imagine life without him. I have the kindest wife imaginable, who loves me as I am. She is the butter on my bread and the jam on my toast! The one who picks me up when I stumble and encourages me when I doubt myself. I am so glad we found each other (even though at the start of our relationship, a certain teenager who lived with us for a while memorably told us "You two had to end up together. . . you were the last two left!" Bless her!) We have a dog, who is a constant source of unconditional love, exuberance, moulting hair and muddy paw prints. Sonny Jim got it right when he said that our family didn't feel complete until we got Frodo.

As well as a loving family far and near, I have wonderful friends. Some local, but most a world away geographically, if not emotionally. Once again I feel blessed. Some of these friendships have endured for more than two decades, and are amongst the most significant relationships of my life.

After switching employers, cutting my hours to allow more time with my son, and a complete change of emphasis within the same job title, I have a job which is fascinating and I really love doing. I get to work with babies/young children and their whānau & families in their own homes, which is a real privilege. I know I can make a difference, and that's a good feeling. I even get to do some work around breastfeeding, which is a real passion of mine. The post-grad study I am doing at the moment just makes me more certain that I made the right choice in changing jobs.

Our house may not be big or flash, but it's home. It is full of love and to me, that is far more important than how tidy it is, how much it is worth, or how well-kept the garden is!

So yes, I really love my little life. Life is good… and I realise just how lucky I am.

PS Just re-read this, and it seems to me that one of the main reasons I appreciate my life so much right now, is that there have been times, both as a teenager and as a young-ish adult, when life was not good. Not good at all, in fact it was decidedly unpleasant. But, isn't it the dark which makes us appreciate the light?


  1. It can be hard to sit back and be thankful when life is happening all around, and yet when you do it feels so liberating. Thanks for the reminder :-)

  2. Does all this appreciation stop you from knitting? I imagined you on this wet wild weekend knitting away, not starry eyed and lovestruck with life! Please tell me one doesn't cancel the other out and you can multitask --love, appeciation all knitted together. Ohhh what would that look like?

    I do agree That "isn't it the dark which makes us appreciate the light? " YES and you are shinning brightly. Thanks for the uplifting blog

  3. Beautifully put and brought a little lump to my throat. I love you big sis. I should say that more.


  4. Happiness is having a beautiful, caring "dort".... YOU! I have spent ages wading through all these blogs up to the present! Love you and yours (as I trust you know. Mum xx

  5. Greenman and BoobooJune 30, 2011 at 1:02 PM

    Dear Knitapotamus
    our bike stands are in dire need of beautification (such as the main entrance bike stands at the hospital). I was wondering whether you would entertain the thought of tarting up our rather drab bikestands and/or the wirefence beside the hospital pool? When my colleague and I look out the window the view is just DULL DULL DULL. We love your concept of guerilla knitting and would love to spread the word.... we even included you in our newsletter this month!
    Even if you don't manage to surprise us one morning - keep up the great work - you bring a smile to the faces of many.
    *Greenman* & *BooBoo*

  6. Thanks everyone for your comments. This post was one of my favourites to write, I felt so good once I had finished writing it :)

  7. Dear "Greenman" and "Booboo",

    Thanks for your comment and I will see what I can do to brighten up your view :) Maybe one day you will look out of your window and a yarnification will have popped up overnight!

    By a long process of deduction I managed to find the newsletter which you referred to, and am delighted to have Knitapotamus mentioned there.

    You made me so happy when you said I was bringing a smile to the faces of many - that's my main aim with all the yarnification :) :) Thanks!