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Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Fold. . . Paper crane competition prizes revealed

Both blog prize packages were received long ago, in NZ and England so at long last I can share a few details. I had planned to reveal the prizes here weeks ago, but then life got in the way. . .

Anyway, first up we have the prize awarded to one of Sonny Jim's classmates who made the best guess of the number of cranes in the box (same as in the photo on the blog), after I had spent the afternoon teaching the class how to fold paper cranes. A 9 year old  boy won the prize and I gave him some origami paper and an origami basketball set, whilst I gave the "Paper planes handbook" to the whole class as a thank you for helping me out with the crane project. It even has the instructions for a "flapping bird" at the back (and that is one of the things I taught the class to make!)

Prize for school

Next up we have the prize awarded to the first prize winner in the blog competition, Laura, who managed to guess only one away from the correct number of paper cranes:

First prize (think I swapped small paper for large at the last minute?)

First prize - crane mobile made by me

2 balls Noro Kureyon sock yarn

I couldn't resist making a paper crane mobile for her as well,  in Canterbury colours this time as she lives in the Christchurch earthquake area. In the photo below you will see that the birds are "flat-packed" ready for sending through the post, but it only takes a few minutes to cajole them into 3D form.

The beads at the bottom of this mobile say "Kia kaha" which is a Māori phrase roughly equating to "Be strong" or "Stay strong".

So that's it - all the prizes handed out or posted and received safely. Now I just need to finish folding the first 1000 cranes. We're almost there folks. . . thanks for all your help :)

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