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Thursday, July 14, 2011

Scrap. . . now THERE'S a novelty!!

I haven't done any scrap-booking in well over a year - until Queen's Birthday weekend that was! That weekend there was a crafty event in Wellington called Handmade 2011 and I would have loved to go, but what with travel, accommodation and workshop costs I couldn't do it. However, I did my own little craft weekend just for me - spent the weekend knitting (as per usual!) and a (very unusual) whole day of scrap-booking, and the photos on this page are the result (with faces blurred out specially for the internet). I still need to complete the journalling on a couple of pages, but am pleased with what I accomplished. I made a layout of Sonny Jim's Year 6 photos and report, his farewell to pre-school,  a l/o of some studio portraits of my brother and me when I was 3 and he was a baby, the Wifie and me all dressed up for a 70s disco and the day SJ and I became New Zealand citizens. I am way out of practice and none of the pages were exactly inventive, but I really enjoyed it and am determined to do some more scrap-booking again over the next few months. . .


  1. I really the love that you said "I can't afford to do the big fancy thingy in Wellington...so I'll create my own at home." You inspire me!! I want to do yoga at fancy studios with soft lighting...but you're so right: I can do it in my own living room and create my own retreats! Thank you!!


  2. Awwww thanks Wendy, it was rather a case of "needs must" - I decided I could either mope for the whole weekend, or do something proactive to make the best of the situation on a shoestring budget (my crafty weekend cost me nothing but time!!) It was nowhere near as amazing as it would have been at "Handmade" in Wellington, but was still a change from the ordinary, and very enjoyable.

    Go well with the yoga, wherever you do it :)