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Friday, April 22, 2011

Knit. . . a daffodil for the Cancer Society Domain Lodge

I have just come back from a few days in Auckland, on a work trip, and while I was there I stayed at Domain Lodge, which is run by the Auckland Division of the Cancer Society. The Cancer Society logo is a daffodil, so whilst I was there I knitted a daffodil from unidentified sock yarn scraps, with a bendy straw inside the stem, and presented it to the person at the reception desk before I left. I think they liked it. . . certainly one of the other staff members who put it in her hair and danced around the foyer seemed to ;-) Domain Lodge was a great place to stay by the way, and I certainly recommend it. The daffodil pattern was a free one downloaded via ravelry - "February Gold Daffodil.

The Cancer Society is dear to my heart, because like most of us, lots of dear friends and family members have been affected by cancer. A year and a half ago Sonny Jim and I got our hair shaved off to raise money for the Cancer Society. . . it was all the young lad's idea and between us we raised NZ$1,500 for the Nelson branch of the Cancer Society! Also saved ourselves a load of  money on haircuts for the next year! 

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