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Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Knit. . . Octopus Socktopus toy and Transformational Wrap

Octopus Socktopus
I have wanted to make this cute little Octopus Socktopus for ages, and it finally reached the top of the queue! I made it from scraps of acrylic from my knit graffiti/yarnification stash, so that the 2 year old recipient's mother is able to wash it in the machine. The little boy who is to become its owner is a big fan of the Octopus Socktopus book by Nick Sharratt, and so I couldn't resist knitting him his very own Octopus Socktopus :) The pattern is a free one, "Socktopus" from www.knitty.com by Laura Edwards, available by following the link. It was fiddly to knit the heels, but a fun and fast project. I put a big "jingle bell" deep within the stuffing of the body, so when you shake the Socktopus it makes a dull "thunk" sound.

Octopus Socktopus
Top view

Octopus Socktopus
Underside of Octopus Socktopus

Then onto another stash-busting project - this time for me! The Circle Wrap has been a great project to use up some Patons Shadow Tweed yarn I bought on special offer a couple of years ago, and then couldn't decide what to use it for.

Transformational me
The initial working title was "Muddy Puddle"
It was quick and easy to knit and I like the look of it when worn. You start with 7 stitches, right in the centre if the back and then knit round and round in circles, increasing on alternate rows. To start with, it looked very much like a (big woolly) muddy puddle! The (free) pattern is "Transformational Wrap" by Rae McDonald, which is very fitting, as I started knitting it while in the midst of emotional turmoil a few weeks ago and used this project to knit my way back to my happy place :) thereby "transforming" myself as well as this old yarn!

Transformational me
"Breathe in!"

Transformational me
Secured with a shawl pin
I have a couple more finished projects to show you, but one of them has not yet been received by its intended owner, so I will have to wait till next time. . . However, I can give you a sneak preview of something else I am working on - a "hap blanket" based on the traditional Shetland "hap shawl" design, but morphed by young Scottish designer Ysolda Teague (one of my knitting heroes). There is a central garter stitch square with a feather and fan border with colour bands picked up and knitted around the edge. And that's about it - simple, but effective. This blanket uses a much thicker yarn than the traditional hap shawls, but otherwise the basic structure is very similar. I'm using some "Cleckheaton Merino Spun" yarn, bought a couple of years ago and now discontinued. It's amazingly soft and snuggly. For more info  on hap shawls and blankets, check out Ysolda's blog or get your hands on a copy of Sharon Miller's book Shetland Hap Shawls - Then & Now.

happy hap blanket
A few rows into the picked up border. . .

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