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Saturday, August 20, 2011

Knit. . . Yet more alliterative knitting

Another stash of alliterative knitting today! What is it with "h" at the moment?!! I offer you hydrogen, Holden shawlette, hitch-hiker scarf and hexapuffs. . .

Hydrogen for Knitted Periodic Table

I have finished knitting my part of the Knitted Periodic Table project. I can still hardly believe my luck that I managed to get the first and most abundant element!

Ella's Holden shawlette

My cousin in the UK has now received the gift I knitted her as part of the "Handmade Pay It Forward" thing I signed up to on Facebook in January. So I can finally show you the Holden Shawlette (by Mindy Wilkes) which I knitted for E back in July. . .

Ella's Holden shawlette

On Wednesday last week we had a work meeting over an hour's drive away in Havelock, on the edge of the Marlborough Sounds. I managed to score a passenger seat rather than being the driver. Luckily I was well-prepared and brought this skein of Knitsch sock yarn with me!

Knitsch Flights of Fancy sock club - Hansel

Not only the sock yarn, but also the Hitch-hiker scarf pattern by the very talented German knit-designer Martina Behm. So I cast on as we travelled, with the skein draped over my knee. By the time we got back to the hospital (including some time daringly knitting at the meeting!) I had knitted 17 teeth of my "Hitch-hiking to Havelock" scarf. Also folded 30 paper cranes towards the 1000 cranes project whilst listening attentively at the meeting. Nearly there with the first thousand :)

Hitch-hiking to Havelock

The hitch-hiker is a great pattern. Looks great on, and is simple enough to be travel knitting, but has just enough with the increases and decreases to keep you interested (and tempt you to knit "just one more tooth" - 8 rows.) But the best thing about it is that it really shows off hand-dyed variegated yarns to great effect, and Knitsch produces some beautiful ones, all 100% NZ merino, dyed in Wellington.

The hexapuffs are coming along well for my Beekeeper's Quilt:

Hexapuffs - first 7

and that's it for alliterative knitting for a while. . .


  1. Lovely colours in your scarf, and the beekeepers quilt looks fab, what a great idea!

  2. Keep on puffing.
    The scarf look beautiful...love the color on the yarn.

  3. Thanks both. Yes I will keep hexa-puffing along! This is definitely going to be a "slow-cooked" project though, at least a year in the making and I only just started ;-) I love the hitch-hiker scarf yarn colours too. Not my usual colour palette, but that's what you get with sockyarn clubs, which is partly why I love them so. . .

  4. That shawl is a stunning colour and I love the design of the scarf.