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Monday, November 12, 2012

Love. . . My NZ Mum

Survivors' Lap of the Cancer Society Relay for Life, March 2012

My feisty, funny and beautiful mother-in-law died last Wednesday after heart surgery. We were told the mortality risk was approximately 10%, but she never regained consciousness. Her body just couldn't take it. I guess we all want to imagine that OUR loved ones will end up in the lucky 90%.

We had a service on Saturday to celebrate her life, and it ended up with us laughing as much as crying :) I spoke in front of everyone, telling tales of funny things she got up to, and how much she meant to me. So much more than a mother-in-law, more like my NZ mum, as all my family live in the UK. Though it was difficult to make it through what I had to say, it had the desired effect of  giving everyone a good laugh remembering what a wonderful woman she was. My heartbroken yet brave son also spoke, and I am so incredibly proud of him for being so gutsy, articulate and compassionate all rolled into one amazing boy.

This morning (Monday) the same thought kept going round in my head all the time "The last time I had Monday, I had you."  

Certainly not great poetry, but it got that phrase out of my system! 

The last time I had Monday, I had you

The last time I had Monday, I had you . . .
And yet it seems so strange we never knew.
You hugged me tight and cried to say goodbye
And somehow now I wonder did you know?

Of course you couldn’t KNOW
But maybe you could tell,
Percentages are just a downright lie.
For each of us will either
Live or die.

The last time I had Monday, I had you . . .
And everything I ever thought I knew
Since then has turned to dust along with you.

The only thing remaining is the truth . . .
He tangata, he tangata, he tangata.
He aroha, he aroha, he aroha.
‘Tis people and ‘tis love!
This really is enough.

The last time I had Monday, I had you . . .
And now I realise
In my heart,
Within me
I still

Arohanui . . . xxxxxxx


  1. This is such a beautiful poem Kate. Wonderful photo of Jamie and his Nagymama. Sounds like such a lovely send off. Have been thinking of you all. Big hugs xox

  2. So sorry to hear this, but the poem is beautiful. Thinking of you all and sending love from us both. Jill (ScottieJill) & Kevin

  3. Really beautiful