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Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Knit. . . "show and tell" of what I was knitting when I wasn't blogging!

Mythos cardigan, (shown here unblocked) - my rainbow cardi is my new favourite clothing item!
So, since I was last doing regular blog updates I have done an awful lot of knitting! Here is what I have been up to, in random order. . .

Fulled hexipuff bag
Garden City worsted weight scarf  using Mythral lambswool yarn from HRYC
Darwinia baby doll dress
Simplicity cardigan in lace-weight Misti alpaca yarn
"Baby's Packed Lunch" using Knitted Breast pattern
My 6th pair of Diabetic-friendly socks for my 94 year old Grandad

Baby Santa hat for a December newborn baby in Yorkshire
"Morgan" driving cap for Sonny Jim
Fountain Pen Shawl for my great friend "Gwauambyth" in Wales
"Knotty but nice" hat x 2, one for SJ and one for a friend
"Spoilt for choice" aka Turquoise holey thing!
Penguin suit, for oil-damaged penguins near Tauranga
So there you have it! 4 months worth of knitting! There has been plenty of spinning as well, but more on that another day :)

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